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joi 24 iulie 2014

Dragoş Mănac

Learning a few things about how to make an argument.  The sketch...

joi 24 iulie 2014, 12:05

Learning a few things about how to make an argument. 

The sketch is called Argument Clinic, from Monty Python’s The Flying Circus.

miercuri 23 iulie 2014

Dragoş Mănac

Defending the Undefendable

miercuri 23 iulie 2014, 20:35


Defending the Undefendable:

Do you like counter-intuitive facts? What if I was to tell you that the drug pusher, the dishonest cop, the profiteer or the employer of child labour perform useful, productive services? More than that, they improve the morality of the free market and do more good than thousands of emotional “anti-you-name-it” activists.

How can this be right? It sounds completely insane!  

Read: Defending the Undefendable - a very sobering and entertaining classic book by Austrian Economist Walter Block. Download the full PDF or ePub for free.

No time to read? Just listen to Defending the Undefendable Audio Book. Try a single chapter, to see if you get hooked on the reasoning process behind each defense case.

I’m sure you will love this book.  I am closing with a quote by FA Hayek, another popular economist many never head of, but which greatly influenced the modern world:

"A real understanding of economics demands that one disabuses oneself of many dear prejudices and illusions. Popular fallacies in economics frequently express themselves in unfounded prejudices against other occupations, and in showing the falsity of these stereotypes Block is doing a real service, although he will not make himself more popular with the majority."

marţi 22 iulie 2014

Marius - Adrian Popa

Rails On Firebird - status and follow the guide

marţi 22 iulie 2014, 18:36

fireruby  ror  ruby  rubyonfire 

Rails On Firebird - you need to check that Firebird active record adapter and ruby driver are installed Install Rails 4.x : gem install rails Generate a new Firebird Rails application rails new firebird_app delete the generated database.yml sqlite config and use the one from bellow Be aware about indentation cat config/database.yml Edit the project Gemfile and add the

luni 21 iulie 2014

Adrian Spinei

Rezumat Twitter 21-07-2014

luni 21 iulie 2014, 14:00


duminică 20 iulie 2014


Wyliodrin #1

duminică 20 iulie 2014, 23:08


This is Razvan Madalin MATEI. There are 5 weeks by now since I have been coding for Wyliodrin. It seems like it’s time for me to write down some reviews.

The most important thing that happened since I got involved in this projects is this nice collaboration between us, also known as the interns (me and Andrei), and the mentors (Ioana and Alex). Me and Andrei always consult each other before starting something, and Ioana and Alex are always there for us when in trouble.

The second most important thing is that I really learned a _lot_ of things this summer. I am responsible for adapting the wiring library for the Beaglebone Black. As an outlandish from the embedded world, I got a pretty harsh time configuring this board and I am pretty proud that I have not burnt even a single led. Yet.

I also did some coding. Till now I implemented the Digital I/O and Time functions. Now I am working on the PWM stuff and Analog I/O. I’ve tried to adapt libmraa to work on the Beaglebone, but the pins are configured and multiplexed differently, there are different table pins hearders, different facilities offered by the kernel. So I took courage and started the implementation from sysfs.

Since I started working on the Wyliodrin project I have kept a task oriented journal and a work stats spreadsheet. Analysing these documents I found out that I am most productive on Thursdays. I advise every intern to do so as both interns and mentors can keep track of work.

I also took initiative and started the Wyliodrin Coding Style Convention. Me and Andrei are constantly updating this document with guidelines for a homogene library. This is our legacy for future interns and coders on libwyliodrin.

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!


#1 CMU Sphinx

duminică 20 iulie 2014, 22:54


My name is Bogdan Petcu and I am working within this year’s RSoC program at CMU Sphinx.

CMU Sphinx is a toolkit used for building applications that use speech recognition. Our aim for this summer is to implement a module in Sphinx4 that adapts the data that is used for decoding so that recognition process has better results.

For decoding with Sphinx4 you could use a general acoustic model (e.g for English language), but if you want to decode audio files that contains speech of non-native speakers, or if the recording environment has background noise you would want to adapt this general acoustic model for those particular speakers so that the decoding process is more precise. Currently adapting an acoustic model requires using the sphinxtrain tool provided by CMU Sphinx. Using sphinxtrain requires building manually some files ( recordings, their transcription etc.).

Our aim is to make Sphinx4 adapt the acoustic model by itself using information from the first decoding and after that redecode with the adapted model improving the recognition process.

Until now I implemented a component that collects adaptation data and another component that based on the collected adaptation data builds a specific file containing the transformation that will be applied to the acoustic model in order to adapt it.


Github repository:


#1 Wyliodrin

duminică 20 iulie 2014, 16:14


        My name is Andrei Dinu and this summer I am working at Wyliodrin, which is a service that allows passionate people to program their embedded devices remotly using a browser or visual programming. [1]

        Since now, Wyliodrin supports only RaspberryPi and Arduino Galileo boards. My main goal these months is to extend libwyliodrin in order to be functional on the UDOO board. Also, I would like to develop some new features for the RaspberryPi board.

        I spent the first two weeks heavily documenting on the topic of RaspberryPi, UDOO and a professional tool designed to build, test and package software. I did not know almost anything about embedded systems, but I was enthusiastic. I installed all the required libraries, setup both boards, tried to understand the code and found a few bugs that I managed to solve.

        At the beggining of the last two weeks, I made a script that indicates which version of RPi you have and tried to implement some new functions. I left for the moment RPi and now I am taking care of UDOO. I designed the pin table associated with the board and implemented almost all the gpio configuration functions. Tested them, too.

        I am currently working on the wiring library [2]. I coded the Digital I/O part. Next step is the Analog I/O part which is different from other boards and a little bit tricky. You can follow my work on github, udoo branch. [3]

        Stay tunned for the next post!


[2]: ArduinoReference



sâmbătă 19 iulie 2014

Eugeniu Pătraşcu

sambata noaptea

sâmbătă 19 iulie 2014, 19:43

diverse  dileme 

Geamul este intredeschis. Ploua. Se aude cum frunzele crengilor copacului de la geam sunt spalate de ploaie. Picatura cu picatura.

Mereu mi-a placut ploaia. Imi da un sentiment de liniste, de ciclitate a vietii. Cand inchid ochii si ploua parca trec intr-o lume serena, complet izolata de lumea in care traiesc.

Cand ploua pot sa gandesc. Sunt eu cu ploaia si cu gandurile mele. Care ma invaluie. Unele nu-mi dau pace, altele devin clare si unele noi iau nastere.

Undeva in departare se aude o sirena.


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